Uniform Grievance Procedure

Rules and Regulations Implementing Executive Board Policy No. XX - Uniform Grievance

20.1 Filing a Complaint

A person (hereinafter Complainant) who wishes to avail himself or herself of this grievance procedure may do so by filing a complaint in writing on the Formal Grievance Form (Appendix 20-A) with one of the designated NIA Complaint Managers.

The following individuals are NIA Complaint Managers and may be contacted as follows:

Jill Tabone, Therapy Operations Executive, 245 W Exchange St., Suite 4, Sycamore, IL 60178, (815) 895-9227.

Kathy Countryman, Superintendent, or designee, Sycamore Community Unit School District, 245 W. Exchange St., Suite #4, Sycamore, IL 60178, (815) 899-8100.

If the complaint involves accommodation of disability or discrimination on the basis of disability, the complaint will be referred to the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator who will follow this grievance procedure.

The following individual is the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator and may be contacted as follows:

Jill Tabone, Therapy Operations Executive, 245 W Exchange St., Suite 4, Sycamore, IL 60178, (815) 895-9227.

The Complainant shall not be required to file a complaint with a particular Complaint Manager if that Complaint Manager is the person against whom the complaint is to be filed. The Complaint Manager may request the Complainant to provide a written statement regarding the nature of the complaint or require a meeting with the parents/guardians of a student. The Complaint Manager may assist the Complainant in filing a complaint under this grievance procedure.

20.2 Investigation

The Complaint Manager will investigate the complaint or appoint a qualified person to undertake the investigation on his/her behalf. The complaint or identity of the Complainant will not be disclosed except (1) as required by law, or (2) as necessary to fully investigate the complaint, or (3) as authorized by the Complainant. The Complaint Manager shall file a written report of his/her investigation findings with the Regional Director. If a complaint of sexual harassment contains allegations involving the Regional Director, then the complaint may be filed with the Chairman of the Executive Board who shall investigate and issue a decision on the complaint of sexual harassment.

20.3 Decision and Appeal

After receipt of the Complaint Manager's investigation report, the Regional Director shall render a written decision, which shall be provided to the Complainant. In the event the Complainant is not satisfied with the decision, the Complainant may appeal the decision by making a written request to the Complaint Manager for review by the Executive Board. If a member of the Executive Board has served as the Complaint Manager or if the Chairman of the Executive Board has issued a decision regarding a sexual harassment complaint involving the Regional Director, he or she shall recuse himself or herself from the Executive Board's review. The Complaint Manager shall be responsible for forwarding all materials relative to the complaint and appeal to the Executive Board. Thereafter, the Executive Board shall render a written decision, which may affirm, modify or reverse the Regional Director's (or Chairman') decision. A copy of the Executive Board's decision shall be provided to the Complainant. This grievance procedure shall not be construed to create an independent right to a hearing before the Executive Board.

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