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The Northwestern Illinois Association

(815) 895.9227

Sycamore, IL

Staff Directory

Executive Leadership Team

Headshot of Jon Malone
Jon Malone
Regional Director and Chief Executive
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(779) 222-2550
Headshot of Jill Tabone
Jill Tabone
Therapy Operations Executive
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(630) 402-2005
Headshot of Rebecca Moody
Rebecca Moody
Education Operations Executive
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(331) 442-8766
Headshot of Tiffany Agustin
Tiffany Agustin
Information Systems & Technology Executive
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(779) 222-2548

Education Leadership Team

Headshot of Jen Lage
Jennifer Lage
Supervisor of Audiology Services
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(630) 402-2021
Headshot of Diane Tyrrell
Diane Tyrrell
Supervisor of Vision Services
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(815) 986-9787
Headshot of Jean Deptolla
Jean Deptolla
Assistant Coordinator of Vision Services
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(630) 402-2016
Headshot of Julie Lenz
Julie Lenz
Supervisor of NIA DHH Program
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(847) 792-3769
Headshot of Kathy Reuter
Kathryn Reuter
Supervisor of Hearing Services
Email Kathryn
(630) 402-2011
Headshot of Noelle New
Noelle New
Supervisor of Hearing Services
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(779) 423-6916

Therapy Leadership Team

Headshot of Megan Mathis
Megan Mathis
Therapy Program Supervisor
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(630) 402-2008
Headshot of Phyllis Rowland
Phyllis Rowland
Therapy Program Supervisor
Email Phyllis
(630) 402-2006
Headshot of Rebecca Stegmair
Rebecca Stegmair
Therapy Program Supervisor
Email Rebecca
(779) 423-6961
Headshot of Stephanie Zutter
Stephanie Zutter
Therapy Program Supervisor
Email Stephanie
(331) 442-8771
Headshot of Cindy Poegel
Cindy Poegel
Supervisor of Speech Language Services & Autism/Low Incidence/AT Services
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(630) 402-2003

Administrative Staff

Brittney Peters
Office Professional
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(779) 222-2554
Cynthia Vogeler
Grants & Finance
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(779) 222-2551
Jan Binder
Accounts Payable
Email Jan
(779) 222-2556
Jean Tritle
Human Resources
Email Jean
(779) 222-2555
Tina Brandt
Administrative Assistant to Technology
Email Tina
(779) 423-6930
Wendy Seneca
Administrative Assistant to Human Resources
(630) 402-2007

Find us in Northwestern Illinois

4 Office Locations

  • Sycamore
  • Rockford
  • St. Charles
  • Sterling

5 Hearing Clinic Locations

  • Aurora
  • St. Charles
  • South Beloit
  • Rockford
  • Sterling