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Inservice Training

The Northwestern Illinois Association (NIA) offers unique inservice training opportunities. Presentations cover a range of topics including: Executive Function, ADD/ADHD, Autism, behavior, body mechanics, bullying, data collection, inclusion, modifying and adapting curriculum, RtI, the role of the paraprofessional, sensory processing, etc.

Our goal has been to provide institute training on timely and relative topics to support teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students who have special needs. The main objective of our training program is to present information to empower students to succeed in their least restrictive environment. Training can be differentiated to meet your district's needs and objectives.


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Inservice Training

  • We offer 1.5- 3 hour workshops that are ideal for district institute or early release day schedules.
  • Audience size is suited for a maximum of 50 participants, although a few presentations only accommodate 25 or less.
  • CPDUs available
  • Differentiated presentations for district specific needs

Who We Are

NIA Inservice presenters are special educators who have an average of 25 years of teaching experience. Presenters all hold masters degrees or higher and have practical expertise that cover a plethora of topics. Each presenter believes in life-long learning and continue to hone their craft to be cutting-edge practitioners through continued subject matter research and synthesis of best practices, publishing research, and by actively seeking out professional development opportunities as a means to continue to grow professionally.

Inservice Training Contacts

Diane Tyrrell
Supervisor, Vision Program & In-Service Coordinator
245 West Exchange Street, Suite 4
Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone: (815) 895-9227
Fax: 815-895-2971
Email Diane

Available Inservice Trainings

Training Title Paras Teachers Special Ed Teachers
Autism and Accommodations: Visual Supports Work! X X X
Autism: Paraprofessionals Sharing Guided Ideas and Strategies X
Autism Spectrum Disorder: In and Out of the Classroom X X X
Autism: Strategies for the Classroom X X X
Basic Training: Survivor Skills Necessary to Work Effectively with Students and Staff X
Behavior 101: Terminology and Function X X
Behavior: Principles and Practices X X X
Behavior: SOS is on the Way! X
Bully Busters! Strategies to Minimize and Eliminate Bullying X X X
(The) Bus Climate: Achieving a Safe and Peaceful Ride
Communication and Conflict – How Do I Handle It? X
Communication Skills for the Paraeducator © X
Data Collection X X X
Executive Function: What is It and What Strategies are Helpful? X X X
Facilitating Friendships for Students with Disabilities and Others who are Socially Isolated X X X
Hidden Curriculum: What Lurks Under the 3 R’s? X X X
Increasing Self-Esteem in Students with Disabilities X X X
Instructional Strategies: Modifications and Adaptations X X X
Making Inclusion Work – Elementary X X X
Making Inclusion Work – K-12 X X X
Making Inclusion Work – Secondary X X X
Making Inclusion Work – Strategies for Teachers X X
Managing Student Behavior: Always a Challenge! X X
Managing Student Behavior: Noncompliance X X X
Managing Student Behavior: The Paraprofessionals Role X X X
(The) Nuts and Bolts of Special Education (fka ABC’s of Special Education) X X X
Only as Much as is Needed: Hovering, Helicoptering, or Helpful? X
(The) Paraprofessional’s Super Powers: Supporting Students, Supporting Teachers X X X
Pumping Up Paraprofessionalism! © (minimum audience of 40) X
Role of the Paraprofessional in Providing Instructional Support X X X
Succeeding with Difficult Students X X X
System of Least Support: Prompting, Fading and Data Collection X X X
Teaming and Collaboration Skills for the Para Educator X X
What Did You Say? It’s Confidential. X X X
Where DOES the Motivation Come From? X X X
Working with Students Who Have ADHD X X X
Working with Students Who Have Orthopedic Impairments X X X

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