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Paraprofessional Training Program

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Presently, we have 51 presentations that cover a range of topics including: ADD/ADHD, autism, behavior, body mechanics, bullying, data collection, inclusion, modifying and adapting curriculum, RtI, the role of the paraprofessional, sensory processing, etc. A complete list of available topics can be found below.

Our goal has been to provide institute training on timely and relative topics that support faculty members who work with students who have special needs. The main objective of our training program is to present information on ways to help students succeed in their least restrictive environment.

Workshops are developed for 1.5 - 3 hour periods. The length of time is most common for district institute/early release day schedules. Audience size is suited for a maximum of 50 participants, although a few presentations only accommodate 25 or less.

We strive to meet your district's needs and objectives. Districts select topics and express whether or not they have specific outcomes they would like achieved. CPDU's are available.

We look forward to scheduling inservice topics with your district.

Inservice Training Program
Workshop Topics 2016-2017

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Sheri White
Paraprofessional Training Program
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