The Northwestern Illinois Association

Orthopedic and Multiple Impairments

Programs for the Orthopedically and Multiply Impaired
Programs for the Orthopedically Impaired (OI) are supported by the N.I.A. to students aged 3-21 with mild to severe physical or orthopedic impairments, including multiple impairments (often called MH). Services are accessed through the local school districts and special education cooperatives.

These services include:

Teachers of Orthopedic or Multiply Impaired

  • Direct or consultative services
  • Regular Education or Inclusion Support
  • Curriculum adaptation
  • Skill development
  • Teach use of technology and adapted materials
  • Share current resources and information with team and parents

Ortho/Multi Supervisor

  • Technical assistance supervision for teachers
  • Support and resources to teachers and teams including parents
  • Ecological assessment program and curriculum development
  • Student specific or program consultation
  • Links to community resources
  • Current research, policy and procedural information
Contact Information
  Diane Finn
(815) 964-0937