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Assistive Technology (A.T.)

Definition: "Assistive technology" can refer to a service or equipment. It means any item or piece of equipment which increases, maintains or improves the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. A.T. may be as simple as a pencil grip or a home-made slant board, or as complex as a communication device or adapted computer. It is the means by which tasks are accomplished or learned, an on-going team process. Staff inservicing, effective implementation and documentation are all components of assistive technology.

Common areas where A.T. can be applied:

  • positioning/mobility
  • visual aids
  • assistive listening
  • augmentative/alternative communication
  • environmental control
  • physical education, recreation/leisure, play self-care
  • vocational
  • computer access/computer-based instruction
Assistive Technology services include:
  Our AT Services
  Technical Assistance
  Loan Library (Requires Adobe Reader - download for free here)
  Web Connections

We can assist you in:
*identifying services needed.
*the brainstorming of strategies within an on-going, team process.
*obtaining information regarding evaluations.
*implementing/documenting existing equipment/services.
*securing loan equipment/funding options.

N.I.A. does not conduct assistive technology evaluations.
Contact Information

Mary K. Brennan
(815) 895-9227 x206